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We’re back with another terrible movie to find positives for, this time the atrocious Green Lantern movie from 2011. Nate and Josh try to find 5 Good Things about the film while also discussing the past week’s movie news including:

Covid Update- Black Widow takes Eternals release date, Mulan now coming July, Artemis Fowl moving to Disney Plus, A Quiet Place 2 announced for September 4th, Top Gun moving to December 23rd, Morbius, Ghostbusters Afterlife delayed until March 2021, Uncharted production delayed, was about to shoot

Halloween Kills trailer dropping soon

Jamie Lee Curtis rumored for the Mandalorian season 2

Hobbs and Shaw 2 in development, Keanu Reeves rumored to be villainĀ 

Barbara Gordon coming to Titans Season 3

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