Episode 165: All Movie News Special

Paramount announced a flurry of new projects set to debut on their streaming service Paramount Plus. Along with all of those announcements, there was a ton of movie news this week so Nate and Josh cover it all in this all movie news episode of the podcast. This week’s topics include:

Peacemaker getting a second season at HBO Max 

Stranger Things season 4 split in two parts, Season 5 will be the final season 

Kevin Feige says Endgame was the final Avengers movie

Fred Hechlinger cast as Chameleon in Kraven the Hunter movie 

Wonder Twins movie in the works at HBO Max

Paramount investors day announcements   

  • Bundling with Showtime
  • Home of all Paramount movies starting 2024
  • New TMNT movie getting 2023 theatrical release, animated villain movie releases
  • Sonic 3 happening, as is Knuckles spinoff
  • South Park leaving HBO Max for PP in 2025
  • A Quiet Place Part 3 coming 2025
  • New Transformers movie to kick off new trilogy
  • Blues Big Adventure movie coming later this year
  • Live action Dora inspired by the movie coming
  • Fourth Star Trek in the works, shooting next year, main cast all returning

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