Ben Affleck No Longer Interested In Doing DC Movies

While doing press for his new movie AIR, Ben Affleck was asked if he had any interested in acting or directing in James Gunn’s new DC Universe. Affleck gave a resounding no sparking much debate online. However, Nate and Josh aren’t super surprised by this because Affleck has been saying this for quite a whileContinue reading “Ben Affleck No Longer Interested In Doing DC Movies”

Batman: Caped Crusader Animated Series Picked Up By Amazon

The in development Batman animated series Batman: Caped Crusader has a new home at Amazon. The series was being shopped around by Warner Brothers Discovery, who is looking to streamline their DC output while also writing off some projects to cut into their debt. Amazon won the bidding war with some other streaming services andContinue reading “Batman: Caped Crusader Animated Series Picked Up By Amazon”

Nightwing and Other Characters Teased For James Gunn’s DCU

James Gunn continues to play coy about the future of his DC Cinematic Universe while teasing fans with little clues here and there. However, a big clue was dropped recently when Gunn responded to a fan survey. The survey asked fans which 10 characters they hoped to see in James Gunn’s new DC Universe. NamesContinue reading “Nightwing and Other Characters Teased For James Gunn’s DCU”

Episode 210: James Gunn Unveils DC Movie and TV Slate

After much anticipation from not so patient fans, including Nate and Josh themselves, James Gunn finally took to social media to unveil part of the opening chapter of his new DC Universe. Gunn revealed several movies and tv shows that we can expect to see in the coming years. Nate and Josh break it allContinue reading “Episode 210: James Gunn Unveils DC Movie and TV Slate”

Matt Reeves Gives The Batman 2 Update, Meeting With James Gunn Soon

After the success of 2022’s The Batman, fans are eagerly awaiting what comes next from director Matt Reeves. Reeves has now given an update stating that he is hard at work on the script for The Batman 2. This probably means that the film is still a long way off but still exciting news nonetheless.Continue reading “Matt Reeves Gives The Batman 2 Update, Meeting With James Gunn Soon”

Episode 208: Best Looking Movies

Movies are a visually medium so this week Nate and Josh look at the best of the best when it comes to the visual spectacle of film. They give their thoughts on what they think are the best looking movies of all time. They also breakdown the past weeks movie news including: Mandalorian season 3Continue reading “Episode 208: Best Looking Movies”

Episode 205: Best and Worst of 2022

As 2022 comes to end, Nate and Josh look back on the year that was in movies. They look back on the best and worst movies, best moments, underrated movies and much much more! Check out and be sure to share with other fellow movie fans! Check out Uncharted Media Merch here:

Episode 204: James Gunn Fully Rebooting The DCU?

Right before Nate and Josh were about to start a different discussion centered podcast episode, a massive article from The Hollywood Reporter dropped detailing the future of the DCU. In it, it says that numerous projects are in limbo or even outright canceled. There has even been some dispute as to whether the DCU underContinue reading “Episode 204: James Gunn Fully Rebooting The DCU?”

Episode 172: Massive Overhaul Coming To DC

With the merger between Warner Brothers and Discovery now completed, Discovery is set to make huge changes to the worlds of DC in film and tv. Discovery is reportedly keen on maximizing DC to its full potential and using all of its characters especially Superman. Nate and Josh discuss the whole situation as well asContinue reading “Episode 172: Massive Overhaul Coming To DC”

Episode 168: The Batman: What Next?

The Batman continues to dominate at the box office, impressing both critics and audiences alike. Now that the film has been out for a bit, its time to take a look ahead at what may be in store for these Matt Reeves Batman movies. Nate and Josh discuss what they think The Batman sets upContinue reading “Episode 168: The Batman: What Next?”

Episode 166: Best and Worst Batman Movie Moments

We are all massively hyped for the arrival of Matt Reeves’s The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. So, to celebrate the film’s arrival we take a look back at the highs and lows of the Caped Crusader on film with his best and worst moments. We also discuss the past week’s movie news including: SonyContinue reading “Episode 166: Best and Worst Batman Movie Moments”