Disney Plus And Hulu To Merge Into One MEGA App

Coming off the heels of MAX, the combined app of HBO Max and Discovery, Disney also seems to be getting into the mega app business. Disney CEO Bob I get announced that before the end of the year Disney+ and Hulu will be merged into one big streaming platform, not a bundle. This could furtherContinue reading “Disney Plus And Hulu To Merge Into One MEGA App”

Karl Urban Cast As Johnny Cage In Mortal Kombat 2

Pop culture regular Karl Urban has reportedly been cast as Johnny Cage in the upcoming Mortal Kombat sequel. The casting comes as a bit of a shock to Nate and Josh as Urban is a relatively big name in the industry, something the first Mortal Kombat didn’t really have. This could be a good signContinue reading “Karl Urban Cast As Johnny Cage In Mortal Kombat 2”

First Trailer For Dune 2 Looks EPIC

Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation was a huge success with both critic’s and audiences and left them clamoring for more. Now, we finally get our first trailer for Dune Part 2. The trailer shows off the film’s massive scope and ramped up action while also showcasing new additions to the cast in Austin Butler and Florence Pugh.Continue reading “First Trailer For Dune 2 Looks EPIC”

Sony, Warner Brothers Cinema Con Panel Recaps

Cinema Con is this week and some studios have already taken the stage to present their future slates to movie theater owners. Sony and Warner Brothers both kicked off the week with presentations, highlighting some of their future movies. This includes news about Kraven the Hunter, Aquaman 2, The Flash, Wonka, Ghostbusters Afterlife 2 andContinue reading “Sony, Warner Brothers Cinema Con Panel Recaps”

Markiplier Making Horror Movie Adaptation Of Iron Lung

Popular YouTuber Markiplier is once again trying his hand at directing, this time with a movie going to theaters. Mark will be starring and directing in an adaptation of the horror video game Iron Lung, a game he has played a few times on his channel. The game sees the player trapped in an ironContinue reading “Markiplier Making Horror Movie Adaptation Of Iron Lung”

Warner Brothers Unveils New Streaming Service, MAX

Warner Brothers Discovery has been hard at work merging their popular streaming services, HBO Max and Discovery+. Now, the company has unveiled the new app called……….MAX. The service will see content from both HBO Max and Discovery+ and will have multiple pricing options. However, much criticism has been put to the company for the lacklusterContinue reading “Warner Brothers Unveils New Streaming Service, MAX”

Episode 207: 2023 Movie Predictions

With a new year, it’s a whole new world of possibilities. This week, it’s Nate and Josh’s favorite episode each year: 2023 Movie Predictions! The two of them try to look at the year ahead and figure out what will be the biggest hits, misses and everything in between. They also predict what they thinkContinue reading “Episode 207: 2023 Movie Predictions”

Episode 202: Chapek Out, Iger Back In; Massive Disney Shakeup!

In a huge shock to the entertainment world, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has been removed from his position and replaced with former Disney CEO Bob Iger. Nate and Josh breakdown the whole situation, what it could mean, how Iger can fix Disney and much more! They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: JasonContinue reading “Episode 202: Chapek Out, Iger Back In; Massive Disney Shakeup!”

Episode 191: Are Extended Cuts Good Or Cash Grabs

With the release of Spider-Man No Way Home: More Fun Edition, Nate and Josh look at the popular movie trend of producing extended versions of popular movies. They weigh whether this can be a good thing or a blatant cash grab. They also break down the past week’s movie news including: DC Fandome canceled forContinue reading “Episode 191: Are Extended Cuts Good Or Cash Grabs”

Episode 188: Our Movie Hot Takes

Everyone has those controversial movie opinions that are different from the norm. Nate and Josh have plenty of hot takes when it comes to the world of movies and that’s what this week’s discussion is all about! They also go over the past week’s movie news including: Warner Bros Discovery considering three options for TheContinue reading “Episode 188: Our Movie Hot Takes”

Episode 178: Movies Still Stuck In Development Hell

Some movies are just truly doomed and can never really get off the starting blocks. Some film projects have been in the works for so long and consistently stall out, that fans are left to wonder if they will ever come out at all. This week, Nate and Josh take a look at those moviesContinue reading “Episode 178: Movies Still Stuck In Development Hell”

Episode 162: Is Movie Creativity Dead?

Movie fans nowadays lament about the lack of originality in film and they aren’t fully wrong in that regard. This week, Nate and Josh look at the issue of creativity in modern movie making as well as why it may not be as bad as we think it is. They also breakdown the past week’sContinue reading “Episode 162: Is Movie Creativity Dead?”

Episode 134: What If Marvel Never Sold Its Film Rights?

Sure, Marvel is one of the biggest names in the entertainment world now but flashback 20 years ago and the company was on the brink of disaster. Desperate for cash, they sold the film rights to some of their most iconic comic book characters. This week, Nate and Josh breakdown an alternate timeline where MarvelContinue reading “Episode 134: What If Marvel Never Sold Its Film Rights?”

Episode 126: Best Movie Marketing Campaigns

Last week, Nate and Josh discussed the worst movie marketing mistakes and mishaps. So, it’s only fair that they look at the flip side and breakdown the best movie marketing choices and marketing campaigns as well! From the best trailers to creative advertising, movies have to do a lot to get people into the theaters,Continue reading “Episode 126: Best Movie Marketing Campaigns”