Dead by Daylight Movie Coming From Blumhouse, James Wan

The popular trend in Hollywood these days is to adapt popular video games into big budget movies and TV shows, and now it looks like horror will be getting the same treatment. Blumhouse and James Wan’s Atomic Monster will be teaming up to adapt for the big screen a Dead by Daylight movie. Dead byContinue reading “Dead by Daylight Movie Coming From Blumhouse, James Wan”

Episode 196: Halloween Franchise Breakdown

In honor of the seemingly final Halloween movie, Halloween Ends, coming to theaters this week, Nate and Josh give a full breakdown of the iconic horror franchise. They look at all the various timelines and plotlines that have happened over the 40 plus years of Halloween. They also break down the past week’s movie newsContinue reading “Episode 196: Halloween Franchise Breakdown”