Doom Patrol, Titans Cancelled; Will End After Current Seasons

DC is currently undergoing massive changes in both its film and television divisions and some projects will be seeing their end. Doom Patrol and Titans are the latest DC shows to be cancelled, both getting until the end of their current season to wrap storylines up. While it is not currently known, it’s not outContinue reading “Doom Patrol, Titans Cancelled; Will End After Current Seasons”

Episode 210: James Gunn Unveils DC Movie and TV Slate

After much anticipation from not so patient fans, including Nate and Josh themselves, James Gunn finally took to social media to unveil part of the opening chapter of his new DC Universe. Gunn revealed several movies and tv shows that we can expect to see in the coming years. Nate and Josh break it allContinue reading “Episode 210: James Gunn Unveils DC Movie and TV Slate”

Episode 204: James Gunn Fully Rebooting The DCU?

Right before Nate and Josh were about to start a different discussion centered podcast episode, a massive article from The Hollywood Reporter dropped detailing the future of the DCU. In it, it says that numerous projects are in limbo or even outright canceled. There has even been some dispute as to whether the DCU underContinue reading “Episode 204: James Gunn Fully Rebooting The DCU?”

Episode 201: Best Costume Designs in Movies

Costumes and costume design are an element of filmmaking that can often go overlooked. This week, Nate and Josh wanted to shine a light on this often overlooked area in movies and discuss their picks for best costume designs. They also discuss the past week’s movie news including: Legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy passesContinue reading “Episode 201: Best Costume Designs in Movies”