Episode 138: Best Origin Movies

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Captain America: The First Avenger as well as the release of Snake Eyes, Nate and Josh discuss the best origin movies. This could be any origin movies ranging from comic book movies to action thrillers! They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: Loki series getting aContinue reading “Episode 138: Best Origin Movies”

Episode 137: Best Movie Cameos

In honor of the new Space Jam movie, which is sure to be packed with a ton of cameos and references, Nate and Josh have some fun discussing their all time favorite movie cameos, from the fun to the down right ridiculous. They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: What If trailer EncantoContinue reading “Episode 137: Best Movie Cameos”

EPISODE 100 Live Special

Nate and Josh celebrate 100 episodes of the Uncharted Media Podcast! They answer your fan questions, announce huge future projects and more! They also break down the past week’s movie news including: Wonder Woman 1984 delayed to Christmas Dune trailer Freaky trailer Neve Campbell returning for new Scream movie Daisy Ridley says Rey was almostContinue reading “EPISODE 100 Live Special”

Episode 99: Best Movies to Marathon

Everyone loves a good old fashioned movie marathon. So, Nate and Josh discuss their favorite movies to marathon as well as how they marathon them. They also discuss the past week’s movie news including: Robert Pattinson tests positive for Covid, The Batman production halts Mission Impossible 7 begins filming Mandalorian season 2 coming October 30thContinue reading “Episode 99: Best Movies to Marathon”