Episode 198: Scariest Horror Movie Moments

Without Halloween next Monday, Nate and Josh wrap up this year’s spooky season looking at the movie moments that scared them the most! This week, they take their picks for the scariest scenes in horror movies. They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: James Gunn, Peter Safran leading DC Studios at WB DiscoveryContinue reading “Episode 198: Scariest Horror Movie Moments”

Episode 197: Scariest Non-Horror Movie Moments

Sometimes the scariest movie moments can come from movies that were never even intended to be scary. This week, Nate and Josh discuss just that subject as they look at the scariest movie moments that don’t come from horror movies. They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: New Superman movie with Henry CavillContinue reading “Episode 197: Scariest Non-Horror Movie Moments”

Episode 196: Halloween Franchise Breakdown

In honor of the seemingly final Halloween movie, Halloween Ends, coming to theaters this week, Nate and Josh give a full breakdown of the iconic horror franchise. They look at all the various timelines and plotlines that have happened over the 40 plus years of Halloween. They also break down the past week’s movie newsContinue reading “Episode 196: Halloween Franchise Breakdown”

Episode 195: Turning Movies Into Horror Movies

In the spirit of the spooky season, Nate and Josh decide to have some fun this week and turn some movies on their heads. They look at some non scary movies and pitch how they would turn them into great horror movies. They also discuss the past week’s movie news including: Hugh Jackman returning asContinue reading “Episode 195: Turning Movies Into Horror Movies”

Episode 189: Video Game Adaptations We Want

With the small teaser for The Last of Us show on HBO, Nate and Josh thought it would be interesting to pick their choices for other video games they would like to see adapted next. They try not to pick anything that’s been done before or is in active development. They also breakdown the pastContinue reading “Episode 189: Video Game Adaptations We Want”

Episode 167: Movies With The Wrong Rating

Just because a movie has a specific rating like PG or R doesn’t mean that that is the rating it REALLY should have. Movies have a long history of not always being given the the most accurate rating by the ratings committee. This week, Nate and Josh look at some examples of movies with theContinue reading “Episode 167: Movies With The Wrong Rating”

Episode 159: Most Anticipated Movies of 2022

2022 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for movies so this week Nate and Josh rank their top 10 most anticipated movies of this stacked year! They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: Dick Grayson being rumored to appear in Batgirl movie Warner Media and Viacom looking to sell The CWContinue reading “Episode 159: Most Anticipated Movies of 2022”