Episode 193: Movie Tropes We’ll Always Love

Sometimes movies can have certain cliches or tropes that show up over and over again. However, certain tropes will always get enjoyment out of a section of the audience. This week, Nate and Josh take a look at their favorite movie tropes. They also look at the past week’s movie news including: Warner Brothers developingContinue reading “Episode 193: Movie Tropes We’ll Always Love”

Episode 176: Movie Cliches We Hate

There are some cliches and tropes that just keep popping up in movies time and time again, whether audiences like them or not. So, this week, Nate and Josh look at some of those cliches that they hate the most. They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: She Hulk trailer Prey teaser trailer,Continue reading “Episode 176: Movie Cliches We Hate”