Creed 3 Movie Review: Another Knockout For the Series?

Michael B. Jordan returns as Adonis Creed in Creed 3, this time in the director’s chair marking his directorial debut. The film sees Jonathan Majors as the movie’s primary antagonist Dame Anderson. Dame and Adonis have a serious history that makes for a tense encounter. Who will be the one standing when it’s all saidContinue reading “Creed 3 Movie Review: Another Knockout For the Series?”

Episode 211: Best Movies of the 2000’s

Nate and Josh look at the next decade in their mini series looking back at decades in film. This week, they look at the 2000’s and the best of that decade. They give their thoughts on the best movie from every year from 2000 to 2009. They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including:Continue reading “Episode 211: Best Movies of the 2000’s”

Uncharted Media Podcast 200th Episode Special

The day is finally here, the BIG 200! The Uncharted Media Podcast celebrates 200 episodes by looking back at the funniest, most random, most memorable, and most impactful moments from the show. Nate and Josh couldn’t have done it with all your love and support so this episode is for you guys! Hope you enjoyContinue reading “Uncharted Media Podcast 200th Episode Special”

Episode 174: Future Uncharted Media Projects and Other Fan Questions

Nate is flying solo this week so he answers your submitted questions! Topics range from theme park ideas, future Uncharted Media projects and lots more! He also discusses the past week’s movie news including: Jon Watts no longer directing Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie Viola Davis returning as Amanda Waller in a Peacemaker spinoff show onContinue reading “Episode 174: Future Uncharted Media Projects and Other Fan Questions”

Episode 164: Super Bowl 2022 Trailers Recap

Another year, another Super Bowl with plenty of big movie trailers to talk about! Nate and Josh breakdown all the big trailers from the big game weekend as well as discussing the past week’s movie news including: Marvel preparing to regain control of Netflix characters and shows Russell Crowe added to Kraven the Hunter movieContinue reading “Episode 164: Super Bowl 2022 Trailers Recap”

Episode 162: Is Movie Creativity Dead?

Movie fans nowadays lament about the lack of originality in film and they aren’t fully wrong in that regard. This week, Nate and Josh look at the issue of creativity in modern movie making as well as why it may not be as bad as we think it is. They also breakdown the past week’sContinue reading “Episode 162: Is Movie Creativity Dead?”