Episode 156: Best Final Movie Fights

A movie is only as good as its finale and what better way to end a movie than by having a big climactic battle! This week, Nate and Josh discuss the best final movie fights. They also breakdown the past weeks movie news including: Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse first look Kevin Feige confirms Charlie CoxContinue reading “Episode 156: Best Final Movie Fights”

Episode 154: Movies We’re Thankful For

In honor of Thanksgiving this week, Nate and Josh decide to give thanks. They look at the movies and movie related memories that they are thankful for. They also go over the past week’s movie news including: Spiderman No Way Home trailer Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness undergoing massive reshoots Kathleen Kennedy reportedlyContinue reading “Episode 154: Movies We’re Thankful For”

Episode 153: Best Star Wars Moments

It’s always a good day when you get to talk about Star Wars. This week, Nate and Josh discuss their picks for the best moments from each individual Star Wars movie. They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: First poster for Spider-Man No Way Home drops Patty Jenkins Rogue Squadron movie delayed indefinitelyContinue reading “Episode 153: Best Star Wars Moments”

Episode 135: Movie Theme Park Rides We Want

One of the only things Nate loves as much as movies is going to theme parks. So, this week Nate is joined by his wife Heather as they pitch their ideas for theme park rides based on movies they would love to see get made someday. Nate also breaks down the past week’s movie newsContinue reading “Episode 135: Movie Theme Park Rides We Want”

Episode 121: The Current State of Fandom

The state of fandoms sees to be in a constant state of flux and with the rise of the internet it’s never been easier to discuss movies with fellow film fans. But with that, comes many advantages and disadvantages. This week, Nate and Josh discuss how they see the current nerd landscape. They also breakdownContinue reading “Episode 121: The Current State of Fandom”