Ahsoka Trailer Teases New Threats To The Galaxy

The Ahsoka show has been quietly developing in the background but now fans have a first look at the series and boy is it setting up big things! The show dropped it’s first trailer and gave fans their first looks at live action versions of Sabine and Hera from Star Wars Rebels. The trailer alsoContinue reading “Ahsoka Trailer Teases New Threats To The Galaxy”

Lucasfilm Announces Three New Star Wars Movies, Daisy Ridley Returning As Rey

Star Wars Celebration took place in Europe this past weekend and fans were treated to a few announcements about the future of the franchise. Lucasfilm announced three new Star Wars movies, all being very unique from each other. James Mangold, the director of Logan and Ford v. Ferrari, will be directing a Star Wars movieContinue reading “Lucasfilm Announces Three New Star Wars Movies, Daisy Ridley Returning As Rey”

Patty Jenkins, Kevin Feige Star Wars Movies Both Cancelled

While Lucasfilm has had success recently on the television front with shows like the Mandalorian, much has been made about the lack of production for Lucasfilm movies. There have been many Star Wars movies announced over the past few years with none really making any forward progress. Well, now it looks like two of theContinue reading “Patty Jenkins, Kevin Feige Star Wars Movies Both Cancelled”

Mandalorian Season 3 Drops New Trailer

Fans are anxiously awaiting the return of The Mandalorian and Grogu and wanting to see where their adventures take them next. During the Monday Night Football Wild Card Game, Disney dropped a new trailer for the third season of their hit show, The Mandalorian. While the trailer is light on plot details, it does stillContinue reading “Mandalorian Season 3 Drops New Trailer”

Episode 207: 2023 Movie Predictions

With a new year, it’s a whole new world of possibilities. This week, it’s Nate and Josh’s favorite episode each year: 2023 Movie Predictions! The two of them try to look at the year ahead and figure out what will be the biggest hits, misses and everything in between. They also predict what they thinkContinue reading “Episode 207: 2023 Movie Predictions”

Episode 201: Best Costume Designs in Movies

Costumes and costume design are an element of filmmaking that can often go overlooked. This week, Nate and Josh wanted to shine a light on this often overlooked area in movies and discuss their picks for best costume designs. They also discuss the past week’s movie news including: Legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy passesContinue reading “Episode 201: Best Costume Designs in Movies”

Episode 199: Was Jar Jar Binks A Sith Lord?

The time has finally come, the time to fulfill a promise. Now that the Uncharted Media YouTube Channel reached 700 subscribers before the end of 2022, Nate and Josh must live up to the promise Nate made to dedicate a full podcast discussion to the Star Wars theory of whether or not Jar Jar BinksContinue reading “Episode 199: Was Jar Jar Binks A Sith Lord?”

Episode 184: Fixing Bad Movie Endings

Sometimes movie just really don’t stick the landing. Sometimes it’s fun to think about the hypothetical. This week, Nate and Josh look at some bad movie endings and then look at small or big changes they would have made to improve the movie. They also break down the past week’s movie news including: Ms.Marvel introducesContinue reading “Episode 184: Fixing Bad Movie Endings”

Episode 135: Movie Theme Park Rides We Want

One of the only things Nate loves as much as movies is going to theme parks. So, this week Nate is joined by his wife Heather as they pitch their ideas for theme park rides based on movies they would love to see get made someday. Nate also breaks down the past week’s movie newsContinue reading “Episode 135: Movie Theme Park Rides We Want”

Episode 121: The Current State of Fandom

The state of fandoms sees to be in a constant state of flux and with the rise of the internet it’s never been easier to discuss movies with fellow film fans. But with that, comes many advantages and disadvantages. This week, Nate and Josh discuss how they see the current nerd landscape. They also breakdownContinue reading “Episode 121: The Current State of Fandom”