Episode 137: Best Movie Cameos

In honor of the new Space Jam movie, which is sure to be packed with a ton of cameos and references, Nate and Josh have some fun discussing their all time favorite movie cameos, from the fun to the down right ridiculous. They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: What If trailer EncantoContinue reading “Episode 137: Best Movie Cameos”

Episode 130: Streaming Wars Turn Up The Heat

Streaming has become the number 1 way people get their content thus creating the Streaming Wars. Well, the streaming wars just got much more intense as several major companies have made big moves, both good and bad, this past week that will have massive ripple effects for the entertainment world going forward. Nate and JoshContinue reading “Episode 130: Streaming Wars Turn Up The Heat”

Episode 106: The Future of Streaming

With so many of us stuck at home, we’ve been spending more and more time on streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix and Hulu. So, Nate and Michael discuss the direction and future they see streaming heading as well as the future of going to the movie theater. They also breakdown the past week’s movieContinue reading “Episode 106: The Future of Streaming”