New Mission Impossible 7 Trailer Looks Outstanding

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning continues to be Nate’s most anticipated movie of the year, especially after this new trailer. The film debuted a new trailer once again showcasing some of the film’s insane stunts. But this time around, the trailer gives us some vague hints about what the potential story could be, including new looksContinue reading “New Mission Impossible 7 Trailer Looks Outstanding”

The Brilliance Of Top Gun Maverick’s Secret Villain

Top Gun Maverick was one of the biggest box office success stories of 2022, dominating the box office for months on end. However, some people brought up the interesting fact that there is no named bad guy in the film. There isn’t a specific country the Navy is fighting against, only that they need toContinue reading “The Brilliance Of Top Gun Maverick’s Secret Villain”