Episode 150: Our Night at Halloween Horror Nights

Nate and Josh got to celebrate the Halloween season by going to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. Nate has gone numerous times but this was Josh’s first experience with the event so they break down their favorite things about the event. They also breakdown the past week’s movie news including: DC Fandome 2021 recap DisneyContinue reading “Episode 150: Our Night at Halloween Horror Nights”

Episode 135: Movie Theme Park Rides We Want

One of the only things Nate loves as much as movies is going to theme parks. So, this week Nate is joined by his wife Heather as they pitch their ideas for theme park rides based on movies they would love to see get made someday. Nate also breaks down the past week’s movie newsContinue reading “Episode 135: Movie Theme Park Rides We Want”