Sony, Warner Brothers Cinema Con Panel Recaps

Cinema Con is this week and some studios have already taken the stage to present their future slates to movie theater owners. Sony and Warner Brothers both kicked off the week with presentations, highlighting some of their future movies. This includes news about Kraven the Hunter, Aquaman 2, The Flash, Wonka, Ghostbusters Afterlife 2 andContinue reading “Sony, Warner Brothers Cinema Con Panel Recaps”

Warner Brothers Unveils New Streaming Service, MAX

Warner Brothers Discovery has been hard at work merging their popular streaming services, HBO Max and Discovery+. Now, the company has unveiled the new app called……….MAX. The service will see content from both HBO Max and Discovery+ and will have multiple pricing options. However, much criticism has been put to the company for the lacklusterContinue reading “Warner Brothers Unveils New Streaming Service, MAX”

Warner Brothers Developing Harry Potter Reboot As TV Series

Well……… was only a matter of time I guess. Warner Brothers is reportedly looking to remake the entire Harry Potter series. However, this time it would be as a television series and each season would follow the events of one of the books. Not much is currently known about the project, but it’s already creatingContinue reading “Warner Brothers Developing Harry Potter Reboot As TV Series”

New Lord of The Rings Movies Coming From Warner Brothers

The new leadership at Warner Bros. Discovery is hoping to go back to proven IPs that can guarantee a healthy box office. One of the most reliable brands in Warner Bros back pocket has always been Lord of the Rings and now it seems like Warner Brothers is keen to revisit that property as theyContinue reading “New Lord of The Rings Movies Coming From Warner Brothers”

Episode 187: Rescue Heroes, Stranger Things and Your Questions!

With a relatively slow movie news week, Nate and Josh ask you guys for questions for the discussion and you delivered! Questions like: What movie would have worked better as a tv show and who should have died in Stranger Things? They look at all that and much more as well as the past week’sContinue reading “Episode 187: Rescue Heroes, Stranger Things and Your Questions!”