The Last of Us Part 2 To Be Split Up Over Multiple Seasons For HBO

The Last of Us series has seen huge success for HBO and it was only a matter of time before we got news on season 2. However, the question fans have always had was how the show would handle The Last of Us Part 2. The very controversial Part 2 is a much more dense and complex story that could difficult to adapt in just a season of television. Thankfully, the show runners have stated that the show will adapt Part 2 over multiple seasons, at minimum two seasons. They also hinted at possible changes for the show compared to the game. However, don’t expect any major changes, or one big change, but instead keep in mind how the first season changed some of the game’s content. Are you a fan of either The Last of Us series or games?

What are your thoughts on The Last of Us 2? How do you think they’ll change it for television? Whatever your thoughts, comment them down below!

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